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. philadelphia. -- captions by vitac -- >> announcer: nbc sports thanks you for watching this presentation of the national football league. so you made some bad decisions last night. make a good one this morning. get two biscuit sandwiches, [ sobbing ] . and cheese, both on my new southern style biscuits. you'll save some cash 'cause right now they're two for just three bucks. c'mon cody... let's get some breakfast. you drive. i traded the car for the tattoo. . >>> coming up, a holiday prayer for an oakland family on life support. they join the debate with accountability. plus, a severely injured puppy plucked from the city's dump. she's recovering tonight. also, picked up and interseptembered. >> surprise, surprise. yet another fiasco for the silver and black. what's the future now for head coach and dennis allen. coming up on xfinity sport's sunday. pushl push . >> thank you so much for joining us for a special edition of nbc bay area news. we are on right now because of sunday night football. well, we begin tonight with a developing story out of oakland. faith leaders
" for this monday. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. -- captions by vitac -- anne-marie green. have a great day. -- captions by vitac -- >>> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald and i'm frank mallicoat >>> good morning, everyone. it's monday, december 2. i'm michelle griego. >> yeah. cyber monday! i'm frank mallicoat. it's nearly 4:30. let's get you out the door the second day of december. >> yes. the weekend was night a lot of hazy sunshine, but clouds creeping down into california. you can see it moving our way. much colder air headed in our direction. we'll talk about that coming up. >> caltrans's roadwork has been picked up at the bay bridge a little ahead of schedule. we'll be talking more about the fog and how it's impacting your morning commute. a full traffic report in a few minutes. >> on a monday, thank you, liz. >>> new this morning some shaking in the south bay. two earthquakes were felt in the gilroy area overnight. the first was magnitude 2.5 at about 1:35 this morning. then a stronger quake struck at 2:05. it was magnitude 3.7. both w
. -- captions by vitac -- -- captions by vitac -- >>> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald >>> good morning, it's thursday, december 5. i'm michelle griego. >> if you only knew what goes on prior, it's amazing, folks. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is nearly 4:30. [ laughter ] >> lawrence, weather, 26 degrees when i got in my car this morning! >> into the deep freeze this morning! today likely to be the coldest day of the weekend. very chilly all around the bay area. now 23 in napa but just the last hour they have actually dropped down to 19 degrees. 26 in livermore. and 38 in san francisco. more on your weather coming up. >> nuke feel the sting in the air -- you can the sting in the air. this morning, the roadwork continues northbound between 16th and broadway various lanes blocked. so full look at your thursday morning commute coming up. >> chilly commute. >> chillycoute. couple more workdays to go. >> thanks, liz. >>> nine people are recovering this morning after a bart train came to a sudden stop in an east bay tunnel filling it with dust.
for tonight. that's all for tonight. "ac360" starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- >>> what a court ruling against the nsa means to your priefrssy. and remember this, that ocean liner stranded at sea, power failing, toilets overflowing. we look at what carnival knew about major problems that turned one of their fun ships into a floating sewer. and dr. sanjay gupta wants to prove that the anti-bacteria soaps work and whether taking multivitamins do anything for you at all. we begin with a court ruling that deals a body blow to the mass surveillance program that can collect phone records on each and every call that americas make. richard leon ruling that it violates fourth amendment protection. he called the program almost orr wellian and says that james madison would be aghast at the scope of it. but he held off shutting down the program. the justice department had little reaction beyond saying they are studying the opinion. there is this from edward snowden, i acted on my belief that the nsa programs would not withstand a constitutional challenge. a it was found to violate a
by vitac -- -- captions by vitac -- >>> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald >>> good morning, everyone. it's friday, december 27. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm mark kelly. frank has the morning off. >> let's get a check on weather and traffic. our first check of the day. >> boy, it's another chilly start to the day. high, thin clouds not as cold as yesterday. those clouds act like an insulator as a blanket so it's 33 in santa rosa compared to yesterday at 28. 40 in san jose. and it is yet another "spare the air" day. more coming up. >> and checking the roadways outside right now, we have a lot of overnight roadwork. caltrans is back in business. we'll tell you about your morning commute coming up. >>> developing news about a family's fight to keep a 13- year-old girl on life support. it could be headed back into the courtroom. >> jahi mcmath has been on an ventilator since she had tonsil surgery a couple of weeks ago. another facility in the bay area and the family was ready to move her out of the hospital. she would need certain tubes inserted. but
-marie green. have a great day. or watching. or watching. i' -- captions by vitac -- -- captions by vitac -- >>> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald >>> good morning. it's monday, december 30. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. nearly 4:30 on this last week of the year. and what do you know, the band is back together. it's been a while. >> it has been a while. good to see you guys. every, single one of you. getting close to the new year and still can't find any rain. in fact, it is staying very dry. we'll talk about that coming up. >> caltrans is back in business this morning. so they are out there and they are on the bay bridge. it looks like from the incline out towards the island. so we'll tell you about lanes blocked. we could have a busy back-to- work commute. >> thank you. >>> we begin with developing news now. the emotional fight to keep an oakland ageron a ventilator could come to an end today. as brian webb reports, jahi mcmath who was declared brain- dead could be taken off life support after 5:00 tonight. >> report
on "today" and then back here tomorrow evening. have a good night, everyone. -- captions by vitac -- >>> good evening. thanks for joining us. we start with developing news. the white house is urging north korea to release an 85-year-old man who has been held there more than a month. merrill newman is from pal oo ao and a career war veteran. we have the latest including new video, as well. >> reporter: merrill newman's wife spoke to nbc news earlier this week. the family said nothing in response to a video of the 85-year-old that surfaced yesterday. on that video released by north korea's official news agency, he's seen reading a handwritten apology. at the end of the statement he bows, then there is video of the korean war veteran putting his thumb print on each page of his confession. an expert says this is clear a force add poll ji. it's likely newman read it with the hope it would secure his release. >> i think by doing what
by vitac -- >> blenko: the name is so widely recognized by people, and how much they think that this is a really unique product and one that's just wonderful. >> trippe: blenko, for me, it's about a passion and an ingenuity in our employees that's unparalleled. they represent a passion for what they do. >> this is not about any one person. it's about a group of individuals all working together to make a company go of it. when you hear people from around the country who are familiar with the name
by vitac -- month. xfinity, your home for live sports. call 800-xfinity today. >>> it's not something cleej students need during a finals week. a spike in crime on the uc berkeley campus. what the thieves are -- stealing. >>> and we're looking at another cold night and spare the air alert. >> touchdown 49ers. >> the 49ers with a big win in tampa bay. we have reaction and post game from the 49ers on xfinity sports sunday. >>> good evening. i'm diane dwyer and thanks for joining us for this special edition of nbc bay area news. we are on right now because of sunday night football. we begin with new information from berkeley. police are stepping up patrols after a spike in robbery, four in less than a week. thieves are targeting students late at night and taking cell phones an other -- and other electronics, sometimes at gunpoint. and monty is live, i would guess many students are up studying. >> campus police are urging students not to walk alone but walk in groups. if you are alone, there are code blue phones all over campus, you press that blue button and you are immed
:00. -- captions by vitac -- >> coming up on swirl tonight, we address the vicious rumors that salvation army said the gays should be put to death. are they an anti gay organization? >> wow that's putting a lot of pressure on me actually. >> we head backstage with comedian margaret. >> it works for me in my life. >> all that and more coming up on swirl tonight. [music] >> welcome to swirl your a. through z covering everyone in between show. thank you so much for joining us tonight. it's our special holiday show and it's the last show of the year. waáel get straight into our mega interview tonight. there's rumors circulating
. thanks for watching. -- captions by vitac -- >>> "the newshour weekend" is made possible by judy and josh westin, joyce b. hail. the wallick family, the cheryl and philip millsteen family, roslyn p. walter. corporate funding is provided by mutual of america designing customized and group retirement products. additional support is provided by and by the corporation for public broadcasting and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> please welcome mr. john denver. [applause] >> good evening, ladies and gentlemen. home by a mile. ♪ ♪ it's a long way from la to denver ♪ ♪ a long time to hang in the sky ♪ ♪ it's a long way home to starwood in aspen ♪ ♪ a sweet rocky mountain paradise ♪ ♪ oh, my sweet rocky mountain paradise ♪
. -- captions by vitac -- >>> was it really necessary to arrest and strip search an indian diplomat? plus, will president obama scale back the nsa spying program? >>> and duck dynasty under fire. was the show's star being offensive or just true to his religious beliefs? >>> good evening. i'm jake tapper in for erin wernett.
on erin burnett "outfront" with jake tapper filling in. -- captions by vitac -- >>> good evening. you're watching erin burnett "outfront." we're following the news story of nelson mandela, the first black president of south africa. an
now. -- captions by vitac -- >>> good evening. breaking news. another deadly school shooting. this one in colorado. almost a year to the day since the deadly newtown connecticut shooting sthat left 20 school children dead. three students were wounded this afternoon. one seriously at arapahoe high school in centennial high school after a gunman also a student at the school opened fire with a shotgun. >> it was terrifying. she came running down the stairs saying someone had been shot them all ran into a room and she went into shock and now we're all just terrified. >> according to the sheriff, t
you protect yourself? let's go "outfront." -- captions by vitac -- >>> good evening. i'm don lemon in for erin burnett. "outfront," breaking news. a & e caves. they just announced they are lifting the suspension of the "duck dynasty" patriarch phil robertson. the company suspended the reality star just nine days ago after coner
every day. >> fo4, 3, 2, 1 -- -- captions by vitac -- >> check that out. that is big ben on the right. big ben just about to strike midnight 2014 in london. and also -- there you go. times square. that's where everybody is looking and focused where our coverage will be tonight with kathy griffin and anderson cooper. and for us, that is it for us here. from all of us at cnn. a very happy new year to you. erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. ♪ >>> next, new years eve. the world ushers in new years eve. we'll take you to parties all around the world. plus the latest from north dakota where a fiery train collision forced town officials to have an evacuation order. and the hosts of msnbc show says she is sorry for comments about mitt romney's black grandson. did her apologies go far enough? good evening. i'm don
by vitac -- >>> their stories begin tragically. orthopedic surgeon mary neal was trapped under water for more than 15 minutes. anita moorjani was living her final moments with stage four lymphoma. and ben breedlove's heart stopped beating for minutes at a time. on the brink of death, mary, anita, and ben say they went to heaven and they came back. their stories raise questions about faith and fear. is heaven real? what does it feel like to die? tonight cnn's randi kaye talked with three people who say they have left this world for another. we leave it to them to tell their stories, their words, their answers to questions we all would like to ask. >> my name is mary neal. on january 14th, 1999, i died while kayaking on a south american river. i live in jackson hole, wyoming. i am married. i had four children. they were all competitive cross country skiers. i am an orthopedic spine surgeon. and i was very busy. i mean, i finished my residency and was married with a full-time job and one child and then had another one and another one and they kept coming. and i think i was v
. it all starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- >>> today a new study development in major baseball league news. for the first time doctors diagnosed a player with cte. it is the case of former player ryan freel. he played eight years including for the cincinnati reds last december. he took his own life and now doctors at boston university confirmed freel did have cte, the disease distorts the structure of the brain. people who suffer from that disease can become irritable, aggressive and depressed. cnn's carol costello spoke with the family about his life and struggle. >> he was always very active, impulsive person. i didn't understand why would he be depressed when he basically had it all? >> reporter: he did have it all. a career in the major es fans loved him. it cost him dearly. ten concussions s eight years. >> i kept saying, go to a doctor. have tests done. i'm fine. i'm fine. you know -- i'm not sure that ryan thought that his problem was a concussion at all. >> reporter: three years after freel retired he took a shotgun and killed himself. he was 36 years old. >>
(pop, water splashing) -- captions by vitac -- >> the bay area air quality has given an alert for tomorrow. people is sanna anna county have suffered from the smoke. >> the chemical smell in the air, it was horrible. >> i came down to san jose and noticed a difference in the air. i can feel it in my eyes and throat. >> alerts have been spread to the schools, hospitals. smoke in the air did bring a beautiful sun set. dust and debris in the atmosphere scatters the sunlight. >> rosemary joins us now with more on the poor air quality. >> our conditions are slowly improving, but for tomorrow another spared air day. visibility down to about two miles around the airport. it had to do with the big fire, the redwood city fire burning early this morning. a southernly breeze helped to push that smoke into the south bay and that's where we saw it eight worst. we will have a slight improvement tomorrow from today. most of us will be in the moderate conditions. in the santa clara area, there will be smoke still. >> smoke came from the sims recycling center. machiningers say they made change
lead." join me tomorrow on "the lead." "ac 360" starts right now -- captions by vitac -- :. >>> tonight behind the duck dis northeasty and what happens when reality stars get real and why people are shocked when it happens. a 360 exclusive, dr. sanjay gupta, an expert in treating pain. why did his patients in his clinic o.d. and die? hackers take target. what you need to know if you hold one of the 40 million credit and debit carts compromise in one of the biggest data rip off in records. >>> dozens hurt, nick robertson is there, nick? >> reporter: anderson, 76 people injured so far we're told switch of them seriously injured talken away by paramedics on the scene within minutes. the fire service spokesman said that a 30 foot by 30 foot section of the ceiling in this more than 100 year old theater collapsed on the audience below. eyewitnesss we told you said they were injured about the first 40 minutes of the performance. then there was an indication of people starting to react to something. they thought it was part of the performance. then they said there was a crac
john good friend, the hand some john berman -- captions by vitac -- >>> the latest on what could be a holiday nightmare and also tonight, some people were shocked by phil robertson's views on homosexuality but maybe they shouldn't have been surprised nor should the network that suspended him. the video shows him expressing the same views three years ago. the question now is did a&e know about that when they created "duck dynasty." >>> a story of forgiveness in the wake of tragedy. her husband was murdered in libya. her remarkable message to the libyan people, even the killers. >>> the holiday weather that would go from deadly to surreal. depending where you live, you could see a foot of snow, be iced over or in the cellar with tornados or in parts of the east you can put on a tank top and walk outside barefoot as temperatures rise into the 70s and because one of the high-risk areas is memphis, tennessee, it could get rough not just for people but christmas packages, too. following this for us, chad myers. chad, we just presented a menu of serious whoa, so what's the
joined us here on "legal view." on "legal view." have a great day, everyone. -- captions by vitac -- >>> welcome everyone to "around the world" this christmas day. i'm michael holmes. thanks for your company. it is wednesday. it is december 25th. the day that more than 2 billion christians around the world celebrate the birth of jesus. [ speaking foreign language ] >> here's the exact spot that the bible says it happened. bethlehem. in what is now the west bank. pilgrims, of course, gather there every year at midnight for a special mass. sadly, there is no peace in the occupied territories, just a day earlier, the israeli military responded to a sniper attacking with air strikes and tank fire into gaza. ♪ this is how christians in bangladesh welcomed the arrival of christmas day in churches with prayers for peace. >>> and if you have to endure the elements on christmas day, this is the proper way to do it. take it from me, the australian way. bon die beach right near the city of sydney decorating the tree with flip-flops. santa came ashore on a surf board as he does every year
: also those who not believe to desire peace. -- captions by vitac -- >>> thank you for joining us. i'm dana bash in washington. explosions shattered the pre-dawn quiet at the u.s. embassy in kabul on this christmas day. the embassy reports there were no casualties. the taliban issued a claim of responsibility. let's get more from cnn foreign affairs reporter elise labin. this is the same taliban that the united states went to war with afghanistan towards, because of what happened on 9/11, because of the attacks here. we've been at war with them for 12 years now. and the taliban is still able to hit the u.s. embassy there. i think for people watching at home, they're going to be saying, huh? are you kidding me? what's this war been all about? >> you're right, dana. this comes at a pivotal time for the u.s. in afghanistan. the u.s. trying to keep some troops in, after the end of 2014, to train the afghan army and police, because they aren't strong enough yet. an attack shows security is still a challenge. the afghans can't handle it 100% on their own. this is a capita
(all) ♪ and a partridge in a pear tree ♪ (tag laughs) -- captions by vitac -- >> i can tell by the smile you've been good, huh? merry christmas -- there you go. >> and that there's somebody who cares. >> it's hard being away from home, for as long as i've been away from home, but it's -- you know, we've got a lot done. >> i'm so happy to see you guys. >> here we go. here we go. >> okay. perfect. >> hi, dorothy. >> hi. >> i have some christmas cookies for you. >> well, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> so thighs. >> so -- so nice. >> so let's see what we can do today. >> okay, that looks good. there you go. and, does any of this stuff go along with that too? child has a... california ford dealers. visit to make your donation now. >> now we want to take you to an inspir rigsal community in san leandro. the people who live there are proud to call it their home. it's a rare and touching look b a group of individuals who through the magic of christmas remind that you say many of life's greatest gifts are free. here now is their remarkable story captured by our p
. -- captions by vitac -- >>> done, thanks there is a huge development in the "duck dynasty" controversy and the government spying on you, the target data breach got worse. hackers have millions of pin numbers to go with the credit and debit card data they stole. we'll ask an expert if you should be worried and we'll take you on board the ship stuck in polar ice as 74 passengers and crew members learn a rescue ship steaming their way might need to be rescued, as well. >>> we begin with the big court ruling on your privacy and security and the government's power to keep you safe by snooping on you, me, the guy down the hall, all of us. today a new york federal court judge weighed in on the nsa operation that collects the numbers called from all of our phones, when they are made and for how long. it's a defeat for the american civil remembererties union and judge william pauly wrote while robust discussions are underway across the country in congress, and at the white house the question for this court is whether the government's bulk meta data program is lawful. this court fin
the world" starts right "around the world" starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- >>> welcome to around the world. i'm suzanne malveaux. you can start popping the corks right now. we are bringing in if the new year, ringing in many parts of the world already, bringing you celebrations. take a look at this. these are live pictures. this is from bangkok, thailand. let's listen in. here comes the countdown. whoo! happy new year! whoo! who whoo! >> all right. happy new year. this is one of those amazing moments here. the ball drop there. it descends from 64 stories from the top of a luxury hotel. let's listen in. check out the ferris wheel, as well. [ speaking foreign language ] [ speaking foreign language ] >> all right. i can't translate that for you but i know they're having a good time celebrating the new year, of course. i want to get some other celebrations in, as well. it is already 2014 in hong kong and anna core ren is joining us on the phone, sara sidner is in dubai, a city that is preparing to put on the biggest fireworks ever the world has neen. anna, h
. -- captions by vitac -- >>> evening, everyone, hillary clinton, president obama and the 2016 race for president. one elderly american's nightmare in north korea and the pope does what popes do, tells us not to be greedy and selfish and is called a commie for his trouble. that and more on the table tonight. we begin with headline, 2016 fever tests hillary clinton and president obama's bond. the reason his popularity is sinking. if she stays too close to him she hurts 49er chances of succeeding him. she is not officially running for anything yet and he has three years left in office. >> you're sitting here together. everybody in town is talking about it already and this is taking place. >> you know, steve, i got to tell you, you guys in the press are incorrible. >> we cannot make predictions of what is going to happen. all we can do is get up and have a clear-eyed view of what is going on in the world. >> that was then. what about now? with us tonight, christiane amanpour, and in the fifth chair, peter beinhart. alex, what do you make of their relationship? >> first, i liked hi
for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. -- captions by vitac -- tac -- and i'm frank mallicoat s 4-- here's >>> good morning, everyone. it is monday, december 9. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, i'm frank mallicoat. 4:30 on monday. let's get you out the door on what's another chilly day. >> the breeze continues in the bay area. here we go again, those cold temperatures outside right now, we've got 23 in santa rosa, 24 in napa 32 in livermore but a sign of warmer weather on the way. >> we already have problems in oakland, a traffic alert, a big rig hit some of the sand barrels and there was debris all over the roadway. they just cleared all lanes but the fifth avenue off ramp will remain closed the next couple hours so we have a couple other issues including black ice. >> it's a monday. >> i know, and wind advisory as well. >> and it is cold out there and we spoke to people in the eastbay that they don't seem to mind the cold. in fact those freezing temperatures didn't keep folks home over the weekend. kpix spent the day in concord. >> reporter: with tempe
us. thanks for joining us. "ac 360" sorts right now. -- captions by vitac -- :. >>> stunning testimony fool the -- from the cockpit crew. why were warnings ignored as the jet descended too fast. plus, the cyanide interpreter being called a fraud and fake but south africa's death community. they are outraged over the peace of history they missed and are demanding answers. we begin with a sentence handed out in a texas court that stunned the families of four people killed by a drunk driver six months ago. it was father's day weekend. the young woman with car trouble was stranded on the side of the road late at night. the mother and daughter had in inkling their decision to help out the motorist would prove fatal and neither did the youth pastor. but a teenager that was drunking heavily, plowed into the group of people with his truck. that's the teen there. his lawyer didn't deny he was truck and he mowed them down. they didn't contest the facts the prosecutors presented. what they argued, instead, surprising. their defense, the 16-year-old was a victim, too,
pereira. i'm michaela pereira. around the world" starts now. -- captions by vitac -- >> a commuter train jumps the tracks. was it going too fast or was there something wrong with the brakes? the investigation. >>> jurors in a murder trial see this chilling cell phone confession. >> we have killed this man today is because muslims are dying daily bill soldiers. this british soldier is one. an eye for a eye and a tooth for a tooth. >> two men accused of brutally murdering this british soldier. police say they hit him with a car and attacked him with a meat cleaver and knives. >> the obama care website gets an upgrade. you're watching "around the world." i'm frederick cag whitfield. >> i'm michael holmes. let's start with the fatal commuter train crash in the bronx, ntsb investigators is say they have now downloaded information from what's called an event recorder on board that could tell them what made the train jump the tracks on sunday. >> authorities are also looking for any video out there that could help explain exactly what went wrong. four people were killed
now nod. nod like we know what she's saying. -- captions by vitac -- . >> this is bay area news at 7:00. >>> good evening. this is bay area news at 7:00. we have developing news. a search is on for a man believed to be missing with 4 passengers on a plane in the wilderness. the plane is based out of san jose. it took off from baker city, oregon. it was headed for montana. the idaho national guard has sent out two helicopters but had to stop due to heavy snow. >>> contra costa county is tackling bullying. >> reporter: the transgender teen is here at the meeting. we spoke to the teen moments ago. >> be strong and have a thick skin. if people say a lot of hurtful things, you should build that thick skin but at the same time don't build it up where you get hurt. >> they are talking about bullying and sexual harassment. the meeting began moments ago. >> reporter: most kids look forward to time on the playground. >> bullying is always a playground. >> reporter: it doesn't stop at elementary school. this is video between three girl and a transgender student. this is why there is a spec
lame one we had left. -- captions by vitac -- . >> reporter: the first night of a big chill as residents pull out the winter weather gear and do what they can to prevent plant life. how cold we will be by tomorrow morning coming up. >> this is part of what kwou take on. >> reporter: friends talk about the risks taken by one man in san francisco known for his appearances on a popular tv show. . >> reporter: the bay area tonight bracing for temperatures below freezing in some places. the chill is already starting to creep in. rose mary is in our weather center now with where the temperatures stand tonight. >> reporter: temperatures are 10 to 15 degrees cooler than yesterday. this is just the beginning. the chilly days and the bigger concern: the cold nights. take a look at the numbers right now. 43 in napa. 43 in oakland. upper 40s around sfo. temperatures in the north are cold already. 45 along the peninsula. in to the east bay, 40 degrees. we have a ways to go. some of us will bottom out in the 20s. i'll have more coming up. >> reporter: some people will be going to great l
that, mustang sally. thank you for watching, "around the world" starts now. -- captions by vitac -- >>> 80 degrees of separation, the abnormal weather coming up. >> pope francis, he's at it again, setting up a committee to figure out ways to protect kids from pedophiles. >> plus, this -- >> what do you say to that? these are wiretapped from gang members who say that you offered $5,000, if not more, $150,000, and a car, to confiscate the video of you doing crack on the tape, what would you say to that? >> number one, that's an outright lie. >> unbelievable. toronto's mayor denying allegations that he tried to buy a damaging video of himself from criminals. you're watching "around the world." i'm suzanne malveaux. >> the gift that keeps on giving. welcome back. >> thank you. >> nice to have you back. >> a birthday celebration. >> i'm michael holmes. bad news to start off with, american teaching school in benghazi, libya, has been shot and killed while out doing his morning exercise. >> chemistry teacher was working at an international school. this happened not far from the u.s. co
coming up right now on erin burnett "outfront" with jake tapper filling in. -- captions by vitac -- >>> good evening. you're watching erin burnett "outfront." we're following the news story of nelson mandela, the first black president of south africa. an anti-apartheid icon. he was 95 years old. his passing was announced late this afternoon by south african president jacob zuma. >> our nation has lost its greatest son. our people have lost a father. but though we knew that this day would come, nothing can diminish our sense of the profound and enduring loss. >> president obama who met mandela in 2005 said he cannot fully imagine his own life without the example set by mandela. >> we will not likely see the likes of nelson mandela again. so it falls to us as best we can to follow the example that he set to make decisions guided not by hate but by love. to never disdown the difference that one person can make. to strive for a future that is worthy of his sacrifice. for now, let us pause and give thanks for the fact that nelson mandela lived. a man who took history in his hands. an
-- captions by vitac -- >>> it's the handshake everyone is talking about. the brief moment shared between president obama and cuban president raul castro. ahead, what does it mean in terms of a thaw possibly in relations. >> plus, round two of snow and ice. bad weather hitting the northeast. even federal officers in d.c. are shut down because of all of this. also -- >> that was a -- oh. >> i'm here, i'm here. >> that is our own reporter in the middle of all of that violent internal conflict raging in central african republic. now world leaders are calling for calm. welcome to "around the world." i'm suzanne malveaux. >> and i'm michael holmes. for millions of people around the world, this day is all about any son mandela. >> memorial service honoring is the global icon wrapping up a couple of hours ago in johannesburg. watch. ♪ >> absolutely beautiful as you see there, the atmosphere inside. this is the fnb stadium. a huge celebration despite the heavy rain there, presidents, prime ministers, royalty, regular folks, all of them coming together with the mandela fami
now. -- captions by vitac -- >>> he has only been on the job for nine months but pope francis has captured the world's attention winning time's person of the year. >> new details about the deadly plain crash in san francisco. the pilots were warned about the steep landing but may have relied too much on those automated systems. >> and this. a moment that everyone remembers. you can't forget this. elian gonzales being pulled from his home in miami returned to cuba. now he's all grown up and he blaming the u.s. embargo for the death of his mother. welcome to around the world". i'm suzanne malveaux. >> i'm michael holmes. thanks for your company. with all the news pope francis has been making, you will to think miley cyrus didn't stand a chance when it came to this. >> the people's pope beating out the twerker as well as the leaker edward snowden to be "time" magazine's person of the year. the editors saying "with a focus on compassion, the leader of the catholic church has become a new voice of conscience." >> we wanted to find out what the people think. so here's some r
edition of "crossfire." erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- >>> i'm jake attempter in for erin burnett. back lash against the budget deal. not everyone in washington is jumping on the bipartisan bandwagon. the first crucial test comes tomorrow when the vote is set in the house. speaker boehner is doing everything to keep his party in line. he lashed out at conservative groups urging republicans to vote against the deal. >> they're using the american people for their goals. this is ridiculous. if you're for more deficit reduction, you're for this agreement. >> earlier today i spoke with one of the architects of the deal. the chairman of the budget committee paul ryan. i asked how the two sides were able to find common ground and compromise. >> what's the secret allowing yourself more time to deal with each other? setting low expectations? never going on bed angry? what is it? >> all of those are pretty good pieces of advice. we decided from the outside, number one, to talk a lot. get to know each other. keep our emotions in check. the other
by vitac -- >>> probablyth best -- tomorrow night best-selling author tony robbins. his promise to the newtown families. that's up it for us. "ac 360 later" starts right now. ♪ oh, mr. sun mr. golden sun please shine down on me ♪ >> daniel was drawn to music. he always wanted to be a drummer. >> i still really can't seem to get my head around that this has happened and how final it is. >> good job, joey. >> the bottom just falls out for you. what's left is faith. i have hope i'll see my daughter again. >> i had to be on the floor because i felt if i stood up the world would spin away. i remember asking why would somebody walk into the school and kill my child. >> in the wake of unfathomable grief, our hearts are broken, our spirit is not. three different quests for change. >> that's going to buy time. >> for their children, for all children. >> we want to prevent somebody else from suffering the way that we have. >> it's not only about sandy hook. >> we can't go back in time, but we can take what we've learned and honor our daughter by doing something with it. >> dec
starting at 4:00 p.m. eastern on the lead. lead. "ac 360" starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- >>> he wasn't just a relative, he was the mentor. at one time his number two guide, the second most powerful person in the country is being called a trader to the nation. >>> a sensational murder trial squeechs to a halt before closing arguments begin. why the newlywed accused on pushing her young husband off a cliff eight days after the wedding cut a deal with prosecutors. the sentence many are calling a 16-year-old ethan couch killed four people while drunk driving but got off this week with no prison time at all. his lawyers argued and the judge agreed couch was a victim of his family's wealth, a victim of something a doctor called affluenza, what we know is a completely, well, basically a made up term. let me repeat, ethan couch killed four strangers on father's day weekend and left a friend in a coma paralyzed. eric boyle lost his wife and daughter and here is what he told me last night. >> the primary message has to be that money and privilege can't buy justice in this count
now. -- captions by vitac -- >>> next, breaking news. the budget put to a vote. nancy pelosi doesn't seem very happy about it. >> so this morning you told your members, embrace the suck. >> then a north korean purge. a member of kim jong-un's own family executed for treason. and a man known as the fake sign language interpreter fighting back. is he telling the whole story? you think to yourself that they said i am not, i am like, i'm speaking rubbish. >> good evening. the house votes to approve the bipartisan budget deal which brings us one step closer to avoiding a shutdown. a rare break from gridlock. mental of democrats and republicans have hang-ups about the bill as it heads to the senate. is this likely to reach the president's desk soon? >> reporter: probably next week. the senate is going to take this next week and given what just happened in the house, almost surely pass it. this really is, it feels bizarre, i have to tell you, on capitol hill. there is such a different vibe, a different atmosphere than we have seen so much months and years gone by. not only di
♪ gonna be fine the way you are ♪ ♪ gonna be fine -- captions by vitac -- . >>> now at 7 almost a year to the day after the sandy hook school shooting there's another shooter on campus. >>> clouds approach the bay area right now. coming up when 70 return to the bay area forecast and any rain clouds in the five days. >> and new information on lynne spalding. what the newly released autopsy report says about her death. >>> it has happened again, another gunman opened fire. this one in colorado just eight miles from another school shooter years ago. >> there was scheming. he -- screaming. someone was yelling help me help me we need help. after that it was silent. we hid in the room. we're all scared now. it was all we could do. >> gunman was looking for a specific teacher and was found dead to an apparent self- inflicted gunshot wound. today there was a vigil in san francisco where people are asking why more isn't being done to stop gun violence. >> reporter: they say each school shooting sparking more outrage but never enough outrage. each name, each child lost, a reminder of that
by vitac -- >>> a deadly air raid in syria reportedly kills dozens of people, including women and children. just the latest outrage in this nearly three-year civil war. >>> after months of deadlock, congress could have a budget approved this week. averting another fiscal crisis. but does the senate actually have the votes to get the bill through? >>> and china reaches the moon for the first time in its history. check out the amazing pictures. should the u.s. be worried now if china catches up in the space race? >>> welcome to around the world". i'm suzanne malveaux. michael holmes is off today. we begin with this, the pair rodity video supposed to be funny, get some laughs got him thrown into jail. we are talking about 29-year-old shea son cas sim of minnesota, spent the last eight months locked up in the united arab emirates. authorities say this video threatened national security. today he was set to tell his side of the story in court. now washington and would trying to get him out of jail. sara sidner has it the story from abu dhabi. >> hi, this it is will ferrell and adam
. is free speech. ac 360 starts now. -- captions by vitac -- >>> don, thanks. good evening everyone. tonight two breaking afghanistay survivor of another horrible chapter in the war and the afghan hero who risked everything to help him. in nevada, gunfire at a reno hospital complex. the crisis over the questions just beginning. later, some answers to the question so many people have about the report that takie ing multi vitamin and supplements won't not only not help you but might hurt you. >>> the deadliest single incident for americans in began stan since the summer last year. a black hawk helicopter down. it happen in southern afghanistan. even though we don't have a full picture, it's beginning to come into focus. barbara starr, what do you know. >> good evening, anderson. at this hour military investigators are trying to fir gur what happened. the helicopter, the black hawk went down due to mechanical failure but once it hit the ground, were any of those six military members still alive? they are looking at a report that the helicopter once crashed came under mortar fi
-- captions by vitac -- >r >>p >>> next, an ind arrest arrested in new york and fights back. >> i think we have taken a touh stand. we do protect our foreign service officers and any other indipindian that is unfairl. >> who was the man behind the lawsuit that slammed the nsa spying program? >> our goal is to pry open this veneer of secrecy. >> and the mega millions jackpot passes $600 million. >> winning the mega millions is akin to getting struck by lightning at the same time you're being eaten by a shark. >> but hey, you never know, right? let's go "outfront." >> good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm in for erin burnett. "outfront," breaking news out of reason over, nevada. several people have been injured in a shooting at the renowned medical center in reasno. a gunman is dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. we go to joe johns has more on the story. i understand the details are still coming in. what can you tell us? >> that's very true. authorities say a gunman who walked into renounld medical center in reno, nevada and start shooting is dead h
. -- captions by vitac -- >>> a diplomatic uproar after this indian woman is strip searched and arrested in new york. now the country, india, retaliating against the united states. >> the u.s. sending gay athletes as part of its delegation to russia's winter olympics, including the tennis legend, billie jean king. >> and could this be the day that the federal reserve starts rolling back its stimulus program? some economists say yes. we're going to take a look what that could do to the economy. welcome to "around the world." i'm suzanne malveaux. >> i'm michael holmes. thanks for your company today. the arrest strip search and locking up of an end dan diplomat in new york is escalating on several fronts. let's start in india. they're now retaliating against u.s. officials in new delhi. >> the fact this high ranking indian woman is strip searched is most disturbing to the people of india. she is accused of visa fraud after allegedly submitting false documents to ob it taken a work visa for her nanny. pam brown has more on the backlash abroad. >> watch as police remove the conc
right now. -- captions by vitac -- >>> next, news. a ceiling collapses at a packed london theater injuring dozens. we'll go live to the scene. >>> plus, hackers hit target. retailers say as many as 40 million customers may have been accessed. and a "duck dynasty" star suspended over his comments about gays. did a & e make the right call. >>> good evening. i'm jake tapper in for erin burnett. news out of london. a ceiling collapses outside the apollo theater. more than 700 people were inside watching a play when parts of the ceiling came crashing down. dozens are injured. seven seriously. the scene there, fear and panic. >> one of them said watch out. we thought it was part of the play. you couldn't see anything. you didn't know what was going on. it was very dusty. some people were bleeding coming out. >> a loud bang. i don't think it was an explosion. and the ceiling came down. a lot of dust, chandelier, wood, all that sort of stuff. >> we thought it was sound effects of the theater. and then we looked up and the whole ceiling was like in slow motion. >> senior internatio
ruled about the man who shot president reagan. -- captions by vitac -- >> good evening. tonight the president getting out of dodge. at this moment president obama along with his family is about to head to hawaii for the holidays leaving behind a tough year of all time tough approval ratings. before the president left town, a farewell meeting of the press. and here's the first question out of the gate. >> has this been the worst year of your presidency? >> i got to tell you, that's not how i think about it. i look at this past year there are areas where there have been frustrations where i wish congress had moved more aggressively. if you are measuring this by polls, my polls have gone up and town a lot through the course of my career. >> she was in the briefing room and asked the president a question. the president was asked about his biggest mistake of the year and he said, it was the health care rollout. >> the fact is it didn't happen in the first month, the first six weeks in a way that was at all acceptable. and since i'm in charge, we screwed it up. >> a bad timin
travels. safe travels. "around the world" starts now. -- captions by vitac -- >>> a an hair row zg rescue airlifts americans out of the violence in south sudan. now a warning from president obama. the united states may get more u.s. troops involved. >> the offensive tweet that angered people worldwide. one exec now fired and apologizing. a global company doing some damage control. >> and a massive winter storm knocks out power to hundreds of thousan thousand of people. now another storm poses more problems. i'm suzanne malveaux. >> i'm michael holmes. thanks for your company today. we are looking very closely today at a part of the world where the united nations is afraid all out civil war will break out at any time. >> this is the youngest nation in the world. we're talking about south sudan, just two years independent from its neighbor sudan. but in just the past week, hundreds of people have died across the country, armed rebels, government troops are fighting them. there is an ethnic aspect to all of this. there are people getting caught up in between. >> now the united
(whispers in japanese) (tv playing indistinctly) -- captions by vitac -- >>> now at 7:00 breaking news a jewelry store robbery in the past 90 minutes. >> it was a victory for me. >> a legal twit involving the 13-year-old on life so sport, family says a small victory. >> the impact on air quality. >>> the rush is on for last- minute holiday shoppers. she what deals are still available. . >> complete coverage starts now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >>> we have breaking news to tell you about involving a robbery at a mall in the south bay. good evening. i am heather holmes. there was a smash and grab in east ridge mall. the jeweler says a man walked in and broke a glass case with a hammer. he made off with jewelry and has not been caught. people were quickly exiting the mall. the mall remained open and only immediately near the store is cornered off. >>> traffic as people do shopping, we want to give you a live look at the bay bridge. it has been busy all day long. we have traffic heading into the city. it has been another busy day. 130,000 passengers will go through sfo today. t
be ♪ ♪ free sometimes captions by vitac tonight on a special edition of "night line," prayers for peace. searing firsthand video diary. people from both sides of the lines in syria put themselves at risk to tell their story. a young schoolteacher, a phone engineer, a mother whose child has been taken hostage, all caught in the cross fire. and an unforgettable look through the eye of a child. a 13-year-old schoolboy in a city under siege. chronicles of life. >> this special >> this is a special edition of "nig "nightline," caught in the cross fire. >> good evening. tointd in this season of peace we have an extraordinary report from syria, a country steeped in biblical history but wracked by heartbreaking conflict. the latest chapterer in a war entering its third year now. abc news has had ordinary syr syrians filming their own stories, often risking their own lives to do that. now we bring you those reports from the people on both sides caught in the cross fire. >> 24-year-old abu is caught in the cross fire. >> now i'm surrounded by regime forces. there are daily clashes and lots of bom
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